Paco Riestra gives you the best dove hunting in the world. Also has different species of big game and small, native and exotic. We use stalking or chasing hunting modalities either according to the species willing to be hunted. Big game hunting can be done in environments of Santiago del Estero province, inside our hunting preserve of “La Peregrina” where we have exclusive rights to approximately 148,000 acres of land available to hunt trophies such as buffalos, red deer, axis deer, and wild boar.


Dove Hunting Paco Riestra short clip from Pablo Martin Gil on Vimeo.

Some say Cordoba Argentina is synonymous with hunting doves. Our lodge "La Macarena" is located one hour’s drive from the Airport of Cordoba and has first class rooms. The Lodge has a stunning park with trees and amazing views, we are well-known for our gourmet cuisine, and the typical Argentina dishes that include our grilled meat "Asado Argentino". Here we offer the best dove hunting in the world, complemented with service exclusive that will make you wish you had come here sooner! The cuisine, the fine wines Argentinos and the always friendly people make this foray to South America an all-time favorite of much of the international wing shooting community.